The Value of a Cambria Countertop Replacement

How Easy Is A Countertop Replacement?

Now is the perfect time to see if a Cambria countertop replacement will help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again!  It’s a great cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen!  People, such as yourself, tell us on a regular basis, “I want to update my kitchen, but am afraid of what it might cost.”  We offer free quotes knowing that decisions to move forward are made after you know the project cost.  In fact, you can rest assured knowing your estimate is inclusive and complete with no surprise add-on costs.

Countertop Replacement: Cambria's Berkeley design
After Pictures
Kitchen with old green countertops
Before Pictures
Finished countertop replacement pictures
After Pictures

The reality is that not all kitchen upgrades require a total kitchen replacement of cabinetry and countertops. For Instance, if you are happy with your cabinetry layout and features, there are opportunities to make your kitchen look amazing with something as simple as a new Cambria countertop and possibly some new door hardware.

First Step - In-home Consultation

To begin with, the process starts with an in-home visit to evaluate what type of updates you would like to see in your kitchen. In fact, a total cabinetry replacement is always an option, and we can provide that for you. However, if simply changing out the countertop is more in the price range you’re comfortable with, we can provide you with some amazing options for your Cambria countertop replacement. Specifically, the onsite visit in your home will allow us to provide you with the best service.  We will sit down with you and discuss some of the options you have to get the look you are after.

3X3 Cambria Design Samples for people to take home to help them choose
Design Samples

In addition, Paul looks for any cabinetry issues in your kitchen that may need to be addressed.  He also brings different Cambria design samples for you to see and choose which options you love.  A great benefit of this in-home consultation is you will be able to see what Cambria designs look best in your home.

Second Step - The Template

Once we evaluate and determine your desired improvements and you decide to move forward, the remodeling process starts. To begin, the Cambria replacement countertop is templated for exact measurements.

Templator taking precise measurements
Templator Taking Precise Measurements
Templator taking measurements for a new Cambria countertop
Measuring Digitally
Templator working on computer to finalize measurements for a new Cambria countertop.
Finalizing Measurements

The countertop is digitally templated and can, therefore, be done with the existing countertop in place. To get exact measurements, all personal items need to be removed from the countertop surface so that an accurate measurement is taken. At this time, all information will also be verified to ensure that we are providing everything you have requested.

Final Step of your Cambria Countertop Replacement - The Installation

The last, and most exciting step is the installation of your new Cambria countertop! Before the day of installation, we have the plumbing disconnected and the existing countertop is removed. At this time, we also make sure everything follows installation standards. Once everything is prep and ready, your new Cambria countertop will be installed the next day.  We usually have morning installations and would therefore normally be done by midday.  This will, however, depend on the size and scope of the installation.

two Cambria installers from Blasius, Inc
Two Cambria Installers from Blasius, Inc.
Two men installing Cambria
During Installation
Blasius Installers finishing Cambria installation
Almost done!

Lastly, your plumbing will be completed the day after the top is set.  This allows the sink adhesive time to cure and for this reason, we don’t want to add the weight of the water and temperature changes to the curing process.  In addition, our post 3 Steps to Having Cambria Installed will give you more information on this process and what you will need to know.

Why Purchase Cambria from Captain's Cabinetry

Cambria Quartz is an American-made company that holds their product to the highest standards. They stand behind their product as reflected in their lifetime transferrable warranty. In particular, the standards required to be a Cambria fabricator are high and Cambria only partners with the best.   The same standards apply to the Cambria Premiere Partner Dealers, such as Captain’s Cabinetry, LLC.  As a partner, we must provide the highest level of service. We, therefore, guarantee that the team at Captain’s Cabinetry will provide the upmost attention to detail and superior customer commitment.  Our goal is to make your project an enjoyable experience.

Cambria Quartz 12x12 display with larger display samples
Cambria Premier Partner Designs Available
Cambria displays
Larger Displays at Captains!
A RiverRun kitchen display with Cambria's Everleigh Design
Cambria's Everleigh Display

To get you started, you can find all of Cambria\'s Premier Dealer Designs on our website!  For additional information on the benefits of Cambria, check out our post on How To Choose The Right Countertop.  You are always welcome to stop in our showroom or you can contact us by phone or email.  To illustrate what your kitchen can look like, below are just a few pictures of Cambria countertop replacements that gave our clients\' kitchens a whole new look.

Kitchen Countertop Replacement: Cambria's Hampshire Design
Cambria's Hampshire Design
Countertop Replacement in Cambria's Bradshaw design
Bradshaw Design
Kitchen with Cambria's Brittanicca Gold Warm Design with Family Traditions Cabinetry
Brittanicca Gold Warm Design

In conclusion, the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen and have a fresh welcome home appearance may be more obtainable than you realize. We currently have some pre-holiday price offerings on our Cambria replacement countertops. Maybe it’s time to consider the kitchen upgrade you have been thinking about.  As always, we are here to help you love your kitchen again!

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