How Stain Resistant is Cambria?

Wondering What Cambria Means by Stain Resistant?

Check out the video below to see how Red Wine is no match for Cambria countertops!  Red Wine stains most surfaces very quickly.  This Red Wine sat for 24 hours! We then sprayed a mixture of mild soap and water on the dried wine and easily wiped it away!

Health and cleanliness are a top priority in the kitchen!  One of the great benefits of Cambria is its non-porous surface.  This means it is hygienic, stain resistant, and a food safe countertop option!  Unlike granite, marble, and butcherblock countertop surfaces, Cambria does not need to be periodically resealed.  All you need to sanitize your Cambria countertop is a soft cloth and mild soap, making it incredibly easy to clean!

Sometimes Seeing Is Believing!

This video shows how easy it is to care for your Cambria!  As a Cambria Premier Dealer, we would love to talk to you about the other great benefits of choosing Cambria for your next countertop!  You can find all the designs available here so you can pick your favorite or come on in to see them up close!  To learn more about Cambria, check out How to Choose the Right Countertop!  Knowing that you are purchasing Cambria countertops with this amazing stain resistant benefit is a great indication of the high-quality countertops you are adding to your home!

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