3 Steps To Having Cambria Countertops Installed

Congratulations on your decision to increase the value of your home by choosing to have Cambria countertops installed!  Adding Cambria to your home is a simple three step process!  First, you decide what Cambria countertop design and edge would give you that perfect look you are after!  Secondly, exact measurements and a template is taken of your project area to custom fit your new countertops for installation.  Thirdly, the installers will install your new Cambria countertops!   In this post, you will find out the process of having Cambria countertops installed in your home as well as what you can do to prepare for a stress-free installation.

Step 1 - Finding that Perfect Cambria Countertop Design

Whether you are remodeling your existing home or have a new build, the first step is to come into our showroom or give us a call for an in-home consultation.  Making decisions on what colors, designs, and what products to select is not something many of us do often.  It can honestly be a little overwhelming!  Luckily, you are in exceptionally good hands with our team!  Judy, one of our designers who has worked with Captain’s Cabinetry for 16 years said, "we do this every day!  We take pride in making the remodeling process go smoothly!  You can see all of Cambria’s designs up close and choose the perfect design for your project!”  If you need help deciding on a design, you can find all of Cambria's stunning designs on our Design Palette page.  Also, for help with pairing combinations, check out our Countertop and Cabinet Pairing Combinations blog post!

Cambria 12 X 12 Design Samples to assist customer in picking out their favorite design
Design inspiration: Cambria's Brittanicca Gold design with Seville Cabinetry's natural Hickory door
Cambria's slab smith design shows what designs with movement will look like when installed

In order to give you a complete cost of your project, Paul, the owner, will come out to your house to measure the area.  As you make the appointment, please let us know if you have certain designs in mind.  He will bring those designs with him for you to see in the lighting of your home.  Due to Paul's many years of experience, he can give you wonderful suggestions to help create the look you are after.   Once he has all the information, we will send for a quote from Blasius, which is Michigan’s fabricator of Cambria!  They custom cut each slab with their state-of-the-art precision machinery and tools.  Some designs require a slabsmith, a rendition of what your countertop will look like, to make certain that designs flow smoothly in countertops and backsplashes (as shown in the last picture above).

Step 2 - Measurements and Template Taken For Your Custom Cambria Countertop

Once you have decided on your perfect design and are ready to move forward, Paul and the Blasius template team meet at your house to take exact measurements.  State-of-the-art equipment is used to ensure a perfect fit for your new Cambria countertops.  Before we arrive, it is important to note that your countertops must be cleared off.  This will allow the templator a nice empty surface to measure.  In addition, there are bound to be questions, so it is best to have a decision maker on site.  Also, the sink, faucet, and stove need to be on site so that cutouts and dimensions are correct.  This will help ensure a proper fit and help your installation day run smoothly!

Blasius Templator taking laser measurements for a Cambria countertop
Blasius templator calculating measurements on computer

As you can see from the pictures above, the process is quite complex to ensure an excellent Cambria installation.  Generally, it will take about 1 1/2 hours for the whole template process for an average kitchen.  However, more time will be needed if the project is complex or a lot of decisions need to be resolved, and less if it is straight forward.  Your Cambria installation is usually about 2 weeks from your template date!

Step 3 - Installation Day!

The big day is here!  This is the day you have been waiting for… to see your Cambria countertops installed!  I want to share with you an example installation, so you know what to expect.  Each job is different, but the main steps are the same.  This client purchased Cambria’s Brittanicca Gold design.  Before the Blasius team got started, they prepped the area and put down drop cloths to protect the homeowner's floor. Next, they brought in the countertops and put them in place.  In the second picture below, you will see an example of how the seam is bonded together to make it as strong as the rest of the countertop.  Meanwhile, the team went to work caulking the pieces to the wall and cabinets.  Afterwards, the sink was then set in place, caulked, and reinforced.

three men installing a Cambria countertop
Gluing the Cambria seam
Installing Cambria backsplash

I could tell they had done this many times as they had a smooth process down.  The team then started installing the backsplash after the caulk was set around the countertop.  Our clients choose a full Brittanicca Gold backsplash!  Cutting the holes for the faucet was the last thing they did for the installation.  It was interesting to see how hard Cambria is and how hot it made the bit when it cut through the quartz.  I could see instantly how stunning this kitchen was going to be when all the finishing touches are added.  I think my favorite part of this install was seeing how thrilled the homeowner was to have her new countertops installed!  To see her anticipation of her husband coming home to see their new kitchen was priceless!

Important Details to Help Your Cambria Installation Go Smoothly

Below is a list of important details that will help your Cambria installation process run as smooth as possible and will help ensure a timely install:

  1. If you have new appliances, please have them on-site to ensure a proper fit during installation.
  2. Sinks must also be available at time of template.
  3. Faucets, soap dispensers, and any other items requiring a hole to be drilled must be available to insure proper hole size and location on your new countertops.
  4. Before the installation team arrives, please clean out your sink cabinet and clear a walkway to the worksite.
  5. Top drawers and storage areas need to be cleared out or covered to protect what is inside from dust.
  6. Cabinets must be plumb, level, and secured to the walls and/or floor.

In addition, we always recommend that the plumbing be completed 24 hours after your Cambria installation so the epoxy has time to cure around the sink allowing for a tight seal.  For additional information, check out Cambria's Refine and Define Blog.

Kitchen Remodel: Cambria's Brittanicca Gold design with Seville Cabinetry in Hickory with natural finish
Kitchen Remodel: Cambria's Brittanicca Gold design with Seville Cabinetry in Hickory with natural finish
Kitchen double bowl stainless steel sink with Cambria's Brittanicca Gold design
Kitchen Remodel: Cambria's Brittanicca Gold design full height backsplash with Seville Cabinetry in Hickory

In short, having Cambria installed in your home is as easy as three simple steps!  We partner with Blasius, Inc., to give you the best Cambria installation experience possible.  All you have to do is give us a call and we will do the rest!  From assisting you on picking out your favorite Cambria design to installation, the Captain’s Cabinetry team is here to make your project run as smooth as possible.  For a reminder of all the benefits of Cambria read our How To Choose the Right Countertop article!  Contact us today to take the next step in your remodel or new build process of getting Cambria countertops installed in your home!

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